Portland State University EMS Published Bookings

Welcome to Virtual EMS, PSU's online scheduling center.


Currently, this service is only compatible with the Internet Explorer browser. Please make sure you are using the Internet Explorer to access this website. By using the appropriate icons above, you can browse events to check the times and locations for events scheduled on the PSU campus, log in to your Virtual EMS account, check the status of events you've requested online or register to create your Virtual EMS account. In order to request space on the PSU campus online, you must have an EMS Virtual account. You do not need an account in order to look at the calendar.

NOTE: Virtual EMS accounts will be only be issued to one person in each department or student group. All online requests for space are requests only and are subject to being refused or moved to a different space by the Event Coordinators. No space is scheduled until you receive a confirmation from an Event Coordinator.